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High Energy School Dance DJ STORM

DJ STORM – School Dance DJ Services

High Energy School Dance DJ’s

DJ STORM – Smash Entertainment  is your premier school dance DJ service. We specialize in mobile school dance DJ entertainment for students elementary through college age.

We Specialize in:

  • School dances
  • Homecomings
  • Proms
  • Sadie Hawkins
  • Semiformals
  • Sock Hops

What makes our School Dance DJ’s different?

  • Free customized promotional materials to help increase school dance attendance
  • Online music request system so students can make requests prior to the school dance
  • Sound systems to handle virtually any audience
  • Computerized intelligent laser light show for an all-out dance club experience

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Improving School Dances with “Safe Music” and Responsible DJs

As you well know, over the past several years dances have become a challenge for school administrators.  Lyrical content in hit dance music has become increasingly raunchy, teen dance trends have thrown up red flags and administrators have become frustrated with how to deal with it.  At the same time school personnel have had even less time to devote to the school dance program.

Providing one easy and reliable source for administrators to keep up with music, and dance trends as well as a forum for new and innovative ideas to increase dance attendance and produce more innovative dance events was our goal.  We also are excited to introduce schools to DJ’s who are responsible and interested in working with administrators to create high energy fun dance events.  That’s what we are all about!


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Casey Cares Registration

Casey Cares 5K Run/Walk
August 3, 2013


While Casey Cares children do their “running” in wheel chairs or through the halls in the hospital, you now have a chance to help them by running (or walking) in our 5K at Camden Yards!

On Saturday, August 3rd, Casey Cares will hold our 4th Annual 5K Run/Walk in partnership with the Orioles.  This event keeps getting better and better – new this year, the course will be at Camden Yards!

Once again Baltimore Orioles outfielder Nick Markakis and his wife Christina will be the Race Ambassadors.  The Markakis Family shares our mission of providing support to deserving children in our local community, and as Race Ambassadors they will kick off the event and lend their support to our cause.

The first 700 registrants will receive an Under Armour t-shirt and race packet, and early registrants will get a ticket to that night’s Orioles home game. Winners will be proudly announced in a pre-game ceremony.

To register, click here.

Sponsorships are still available.  For more information, please contact Jamie Snyder at 443-568-0064.








It wasn’t that long ago that many of you were once at some kind of school function, we all understand  there can be many  unique requirements when dealing with planning such. Many students and teachers have to balance out these such requirements and have to work with choosing the right entertainment. School dances, are one good example. Spending years watching many school administrators, students and parents I will be the first to tell you that not all DJ companies are alike. Yes, many nowadays can all afford some kind of sound system, light show, and even special effects. However, recently in the past few years you will find an over abundance of DJs because gear has gone down in price and talent can be left on auto with a computer doing all the work. There are many important questions and answers you need to understand before choosing the right DJ, many people believe any one someone might know will handle the party good or as better as the next guy. This is completely incorrect! I have heard countless times where many schools have went with a cheaper DJ, or someone who they got referenced from a friend. These all end in the same results, failure!


You owe it to yourself to pick a DJ that can read and understand a crowd, a DJ who can make split second decisions and can control the environment.

Edited music, doesn’t always mean edited music, Listening to radio stations, you often will hear the clean versions that are approved to be played by the FCC. However, sometimes they still will open the doors to terms, edits and music that isn’t right for most school functions or events. This is where we come in, and edit these clean tracks to make sure they are what we called “School Approved!”